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"Charisma Sportfishing Charters"

by Chris Dillon in Large Sportfishing Charters

Fish on the Charisma. The Keys finest Sportfishing adventure. Custom 38 Stolper Express. Fast, Clean, Comfortable, Experienced Crew, Tournament equipped 1/2, 3/4, Full Day, Night Shark Trips available Get your fish on with CHARISMA.

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Find Islamorada Tarpon Fishing Charters | Islamorada Fishing Source

If you have ever seen a picture of a family holding up a fish longer than their children are tall and wanted the opportunity to pose for one yourself, or if you are simply trying to out-do your family member’s record catch of a fish over four feet long, Islamorada tarpon fishing may just be your dream vacation.  Charters that specialize in tarpon fishing get you up close and personal with some of the largest common salt water sport fish.  These fit grow anywhere between five to seven feet in length and up to two hundred and eighty pounds!  You will not just need two hands to hold one of these up for your picture; you might just need two people!


Despite their size, tarpon are not the best fish for eating.  They have many bones and relatively little flesh for their size.  What meat they do have is not generally good to eat, especially when compared to the tuna and dolphin (“mahi-mahi”) that roam so nearby.  Instead of keeping them for dinner, most charters have a policy of catch and release for this species, which helps keep the populations thriving in Islamorada for generations to come.


The true value of Islamorada tarpon fishing is in the struggle.  Tarpon are known for putting up quite a fight, making them difficult for even the strongest anglers with state-of-the art equipment to reel in all the way.  If you do not have the good fortune to be the first in your party to get a bite on your line, stand back and watch as the other person wrangles their catch.  Tarpon are the descendants of one of the most ancient species on earth, and watching them fight for their lives against the tug of a fisherman’s line.


Of course, if you are the one at the other end of that line, watching your quarry twist and strain and leap out of the water in an attempt to escape, you will be too busy fighting back to truly observe its beauty.  If you are tired of dull afternoons on the lake and want to feel the rush of a primordial battle, make reservations with a charter that specializes in Islamorada tarpon fishing, and make sure you bring along a video camera.

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