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Southern Comfort Sportfishing

by Rod Corradi in Large Sportfishing Charters

We pride ourselves in providing a professional family atmosphere that fully accommodates everyone's needs, from families with young children, the beginner of any age, to the most serious professional angler.

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It seems almost unfair that all of the world’s best fishing guides all flock to the Florida Keys.  After all, there are many charter fishing companies located across the globe.  However, spend even just a few minutes looking through our directory and you will come to realize that what sets Islamorada fishing guides apart from the others is that those who live and work in Islamorada have the most knowledge and experience, the best equipment, and the strongest passion for helping others learn to fish as well as they do.  Ask any one of them to provide you a reason for this trend and they are likely to tell you the same thing.


Islamorada is the Sport Fishing Capital of the World.  Everyone who craves variety and challenge in their fishing adventures winds up here eventually.  Many people who are passionate about fishing visit once and realize they cannot pull themselves away.  That is why our listings are composed of people who were born and taught to fish all over the world.


While many native Islamorada fishing guides learned to fish the waters both close and far from the island as soon as they were old enough to hold a rod, native guides are not always better. Many of the guides who work for Islamorada charter fishing companies have traveled to all of the most famous fishing spots across the globe before settling here.  If you are a sport fishing pro seeking to compare the quality of fishing in the Florida Keys to your other favorite sights, you may want to check the listings for a guide who is as well-travelled as you are.


Of course, with such a variety of species and water types available to Islamorada fishers, another thing you will want to consider is your guide’s area of expertise.  If you seek to deep drop for big game far offshore, you will not want to make reservations with someone who does mostly inland fishing, no matter how many stories they could tell you.  Look for two or three guides with plenty of experience in the type of fishing you want to do, then use the information in our listing to make your final selection.

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