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Dive Islamorada with Key Dives!

by Key Dives in Dive (SCUBA) Operators, Snorkel Operators

Key Dives is Islamorada's premier PADI scuba diving center. We pride ourselves on providing top-of-the-line customer service and the best scuba diving experience in the Florida Keys.

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Fishing Trips & Charters in Islamorada, FL | Islamorada Fishing Source



Islamorada Fishing Source connects our users with the largest variety of charters in the Florida Keys.

Fish Offshore

The variety of species in the Florida Keys is among of the best in the world! We target Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, Kingfish, Swordfish, Tuna and all sorts of Pelagic fish that roam in our waters! There are many different techniques that are used to catch these fish, but rest assured, it is action packed!


Fish our Reef 

The Florida Keys has one of the largest living coral reefs in the world! Within all the beauty that the reef attains, one thing for sure is that it is loaded with fish! While fishing with one of our guides, we will target fish such as Yellowtail Snapper, Grey (Mangrove) Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Mackerel, Sailfish, and Grouper. Actually, you can catch nearly every type of Pelagic game fish in this same area during certain times of the year! This is what makes catching fish on a reef so exciting! You can actually catch so many different types of fish in one day, and be able to see them actually swimming right up behind the boat. It is an extremely visual experience, while at the same time exhausting from having to reel in all the fish you can handle. Although, with all the excitement you will never realize how exhausting it can be, because you won't have time to even think about being tired! There are several techniques used while angling on the reef. One technique is chumming with ground up fish, oats, and sand. While deploying the chum, we also will use a mixture of live baits to get the fish real excited. Once the chum is in the water, look out! It is an absolutely amazing sight to see the ocean come alive! It is definitely something you won't ever forget! So hold on, and let one of our charter guides take you on the adventure of a lifetime! 


Fish our Wrecks 


Angling in the keys is a unique type of casting that anglers from all over the world come to experience. We have so many different wrecks in the Keys that the hardest part becomes deciding which one's that we want to fish on any given day! This type of baiting is one that you will generally find the larger fish. The fish that have grown out of their adolescence and are no longer in need of their school. They are large and fast, and are plenty capable of catching their own meal. Also, they are more than happy to give you a run for your money on rod and reel! Although, the solitary fish aren't the only ones that like the wrecks, there are several different types of fish that live around these massive structures that will gladly come up to the surface for a free meal. In this type of angling, we will fish the bottom, or will "live-chum" the fish to the surface. Usually we will have lines on the bottom to target the big Grouper and Mutton Snapper, while leaving out flat lines and kites to pick up King Mackerel, Wahoo, Sailfish or Barracuda. All at the same time we are tossing handfuls of live baits overboard bringing up the Amberjacks, Jack Crevalle, Blackfin Tunas, and Bonita from below. Once they are at the surface, we will bait up the lines with the same live bait, and off to the races we go! It is a technique that is rarely used, but offers up some of the most exciting casting to be found anywhere in the world. This is a truly addictive method of angling! 


Fish for Tarpon 

What can you say about catching Tarpon in this little piece of the world we call paradise other than "WOW"! The Florida Keys offers some of the best tarpon in the World! This type of casting will truly wear an angler out! When the fish migrate into the warm waters of the Keys, they come in a hurry and they are big! It is a common site to see fish over 100 lbs. swimming and rolling right around your boat. And don't worry, because most of these fish are not alone! They are surrounded by a school of big fish as well! This is where our guides come in! Our captains will put you on the fish, and do whatever it takes to ensure that you get your trophy! Tarpon chumming is truly the sport for all sportsmen, and is something that every angler should experience at least once in his or her lifetime. So, come on down to the beautiful Florida Keys and let our guides show you the fishing excitement you have always dreamed of!




Swordfishing in the Florida Keys is absolutely amazing! Battling these true warriors of the open ocean is something that you will never forget! They are absolutely the perfect gamefish, and even the smaller ones can take an experienced angler for the ride of their life! This is full contact fishing! These fish can take you deep or stay on top, and the second you get cocky, they will show you why the are nicknamed the "Prince of Darkness". They will Sound on you so fast that you will pray to get line back on the reel! It is an amazing sight to see! 

We are very lucky here in Islamorada to have this fantastic fishery, as we are actually a nursery for these magnificent animals, and they are here all year long! Although, we generally don't fish for these guys during the winter due to a little choppier weather, but when the winds stop it is possible if the timing is right!! So come on down, and check out what Islamorada Swordfishing has to offer! It is absolutely Amazing!


Fish the Gulf

What can you say about angling in the Gulf of Mexico! It is an absolutely spectacular place to fish, and is very unique to the Florida Keys, especially the middle and upper keys because of the lack of casting pressure. It is truly a site to see Groupers up to 500lbs and Cobias swimming all around the boat! Kingfish as big as they come and Permit mixed right in there with them. Using all of the techniques that make offshore casting so exciting! We catch huge Kingfish, Cobias, and Sharks off the kite, and the rest casting and drifting baits back on Anchor. We chum pretty heavy while angling here too, as we are chunking and using block chum to draw the fish near. You can see the huge red blobs on the depth sounder as the monster Goliath Groupers start to gather under the boat! It is one of the most action packed and exciting trips you can do! In a day you can expect to catch Goliath Groupers, King Fish, Cobias, Sharks, Snappers, Groupers, and Permit. Some of these come in and out with the season, but from December through May you can count on the majority of these fish!´╗┐


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