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by Matt Bellinger in Sightseeing, Eco Tour, Pleasure Guides, Bay Boat Guides

Located on four islands next to Key Largo and surrounded by the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Florida Bay on the other, Islamorada sits in an aquatic wonderland! Run by Capt. Matt Bellinger you are sure to have a great time!

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The Best Bonefishing Florida Keys | Fishing in the Florida Keys Flats

If you think the adventures available in the Sport Fishing Capital of the World are limited to wrangling sailfish and other big game in the deep waters far offshore, you are missing out on one of the most exciting and challenging sport fishing varieties in Islamorada.  Bonefishing Florida Keys is a true test of skill and endurance.  The charter boats in this part of the directory may seem like nothing more than a piece of plywood compared to the state-of-the art yachts available for deep sea fishing, but anything more than that would not be able to float easily in the shallow water bonefish prefer.


If you have never tried it before, you will want to make sure you go out with an experienced guide.  The right guide can steer your boat through less than a foot of water smoothly, safely, and stealthily so you can inch up close to a school of these mirror-bright beauties without being seen.  They will teach you the proper technique for casting your feather-light lure and moving it in just the right way to tantalize your quarry.  Then, they will show you exactly where to cast.


Landing your lure in just the right location ensures that it is visible to the fish without frightening them, and that it looks realistic enough for them to take the bait.  It can be hard for beginners to find the “sweet spot.”  Even if you have fly fished before, bonefishing presents the added difficulty of locating the small, silvery fish beneath the bright surface of the water.  Luckily, the guides in our directory have years of experience in finding just the right place, and they will teach you to find it, too.


Do let not be fooled by the size and seeming invisibility of the bonefish schools which swarm Islamorada’s inland waters.  Bonefishing is one of the world’s most loved sport fishing varieties for a reason.  Though the largest recorded bonefish to ever be caught was only 19 pounds and 35 inches long, they are not easy to land by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, pound-for-pound they are the strongest and fastest moving of any salt-water fish.  Book with one of our bonefishing Florida Keys charters and see for yourself that, when it comes to sport fish, size is not everything.

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