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Captain Travis Upchurch grew up fishing in Islamorada, and brings over 15 years of fishing knowledge and experience to All Lit Up Charters! Travis' professional demeanor, experience, and personality makes fishing fun and exciting for all ages!

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by Ryan Gruenholz on 05/31/2012 - 01:05 am

Category: Fishing Information and Tips

An angler can learn as many Islamorada fishing techniques as a samurai can learn different ways to handle his katana. Both share some similarities, such as discipline in learning various techniques, movement of the arms and hands, and the right time to strike. If you plan on making it big in the fishing business, you have to learn the way of the fishing rod. In the long run, these skills can help you haul in a good catch.


If you are just starting, the spin casting technique is one of the basic fishing techniques you can master. Using an imaginary clock diagram, the angler takes aim at the two-o’clock position, raises the rod at the one-o’clock position, and throws the lure into the water with the force of the swing. Gently touching the line to stop the reel from spinning allows you to control the distance between you and the lure.


Upon a closer look, you may notice that bait casting and spin casting involve similar movements. However, in bait casting, you are harnessing the weight of the lure to make it fly at a great distance. In this case, you need heavy lures to reach farther and cover more fishing ground. It is said that bait casting is one of the harder Florida Keys fishing techniques to master; but once mastered, it is well worth the effort.


Fly fishing is one of the most popular fishing techniques among both amateur and professional anglers. Casting a long line with a fly lure over great distances helps anglers tap deeper waters while staying in shallow waters, at least for freshwater fishing. Fly fishing can also be used in saltwater fishing and can be done in a variety of casts, such as tight and open loops, reel casts, and back and forward casts.


When you just cannot get a bite at a particular spot, you can use ground fish or cereal flakes to attract the fish’s attention. This is called chumming and, although not considered legal in most states, it is allowed in saltwater fishing as per Florida state regulations. Your primary objective in chumming is to get the fish to gather around the chum, but not feed them. Make sure you do not put in more chum than needed.


One thing is for sure about fishing: it is a discipline that takes time to learn. Fortunately, you have the aid of online resources such as Islamorada Fishing Source—which also gives you lots of information on Florida Keys fishing charters—to get you started. With constant practice and an ounce of patience, you can be rewarded with the title of “professional angler.”

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