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Southern Comfort Sportfishing

by Rod Corradi in Large Sportfishing Charters

We pride ourselves in providing a professional family atmosphere that fully accommodates everyone's needs, from families with young children, the beginner of any age, to the most serious professional angler.

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Website: southerncomfortsportfishing.com

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Essentials to Remember to Catch the B...

by Ryan Gruenholz on 09/25/2012 - 11:34 am
Category: Fishing Information and Tips

 It's been said that the whale in the novel "Moby Dick" isn't just a whale, but rather a symbol for a man's object of obsession which can cause his destruction. For fishing enthusiasts, however, such fanciful ideas are irrelevant as they are true sportsmen aiming to catch the big one. If you plan to do some fishing in Florida Keys, it would be helpful to follow these tips:

Use the right lure and bait.

When fishing with rod and reel, you have the choice between using live bait or artificial lures, depending, of course, on the fish you aim to catch. While live baits are, undoubtedly, the most attractive to fish, many artificial lures convincingly mimic delectable creatures like squid or ...

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by Ryan Gruenholz on 05/31/2012 - 01:08 am
Category: Fishing Information and Tips

Outdoor adventures are fun, but only if you have the right gear with you. The same applies when taking to the waters and fishing in Florida – you have to pick the right boat for you, depending on what you’re planning to reel in. Fortunately, you can book different types of Florida charter boats with help from online links like those at Isla Morada Fishing Source before going to your fishing destination – it’s up to you to decide on which type of boat to take.
If you want to catch fish in the deep ocean waters, you’ll need all the room to reel those big catches in. A large sport fishing vessel is perfect for fishing for anything from snappers and grouper ...

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by Ryan Gruenholz on 05/31/2012 - 01:05 am
Category: Fishing Information and Tips

An angler can learn as many Islamorada fishing techniques as a samurai can learn different ways to handle his katana. Both share some similarities, such as discipline in learning various techniques, movement of the arms and hands, and the right time to strike. If you plan on making it big in the fishing business, you have to learn the way of the fishing rod. In the long run, these skills can help you haul in a good catch.
SPIN CASTINGIf you are just starting, the spin casting technique is one of the basic fishing techniques you can master. Using an imaginary clock diagram, the angler takes aim at the two-o’clock position, raises the rod at the one-o’clock position, and t ...

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