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Reef Runner Charters

by Paul Johnson in Large Sportfishing Charters

CATCH THE EXCITEMENT! - Know the security of being guided to some of the best fishing in the world by one of the most knowledgeable and capable crews in the Florida Keys. Relish the first strike, whether it be Dolphin, Tuna, Wahoo, Kingfish or one...

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Prioritize Safety When Angling on an ...

by Ryan Gruenholz on 05/27/2014 - 04:57 am
Category: Info Articles

Going on an Islamorada fishing charter trip is undoubtedly exciting, to say the least. Who wouldn’t be excited at the chance to find rare and mysterious creatures underneath the waves? However, as the waters run deeper, the need for safety precautions increase.
The saying, “You only live once,” shouldn’t be taken as a mantra; it is, in fact, sound advice. You still have a long life ahead of you, full of deep-sea fishing trips. So, here are a few tips for staying safe on your next fishing journey:

Experience over Price

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should hire the most expensive charter. Prizing experience over price ...

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Getting the Hang of Wreck Fishing in ...

by Ryan Gruenholz on 05/27/2014 - 04:28 am
Category: Info Articles

Shipwrecks are popular the world over and learning about a few in your own home town’s waters makes you want to go down and explore them. Fishing in their vicinity may be a good idea, as Al Herum writes, for the Florida Sportsman:

"Easy wreck techniques for making the most out of a late-summer day on the blue.

We had been probing flat seas far offshore for signs of dolphin on a sweltering mid-August day. This late in the season, fish were proving scarce. Chatter on the VHF confirmed our plight with other boats reporting few sightings and meager catches.

Key West charter captain Pepe Gonzalez decided to throw a changeup and head for green waters closer to shore. Plan B ...

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An Islamorada Fishing Report and Othe...

by Ryan Gruenholz on 05/27/2014 - 04:49 am
Category: Info Articles

A variety of tropical game fish can be caught in the waters of Islamorada, as any accurate Islamorada fishing report will show you. One of the more sought-after fish among anglers are blackfin tuna. For those unfamiliar with the fish, here is a short description courtesy of the International Game Fish Association:

"Occurs in tropical and warm temperate waters of the western Atlantic Ocean…

This is a pelagic, schooling fish that generally feeds near the surface. Its diet consists of small fishes, squid, crustaceans, and plankton. An excellent light tackle species, it can be taken by trolling or casting small baits or lures, including ballyhoo, mullet and other small fishe ...

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Learning the Snorkeling Basics with Q...

by Ryan Gruenholz on 05/27/2014 - 04:39 am
Category: Info Articles

Going beneath the waves through scuba diving can be like a trip into another world. If you are not interested to go really deep, though, you can still enjoy the underwater experience through snorkeling, as Galen Piehl and Nicole Atkins writes in their special blog:

"What is your first time snorkeling experience going to be like? A once in a lifetime experience that you can't wait to repeat? Or a miserable, boring or even dangerous experience?

Unfortunately, poor first time experiences are pretty common. Many snorkel tour companies will lead you to think that snorkeling is so easy you can just throw on some gear, jump in, and it is all fun from there on.

But the truth is that ...

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