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Published: 01/18/2014


For advanced anglers and true sportfishing enthusiasts, there is nothing more thrilling or ultimately satisfying than the long and arduous battle to land an adult swordfish.  Islamorada has been the setting for many of these battles, and is well known as one of the swordfishing capitols of the world.  This is because our waters are actually a nursery for this coveted species, and they can be found in the deepest parts of our waters year round.  For sportsmen whose families may not share their enthusiasm, Islamorada also has the additional benefit of providing ample entertainment for non-fishers while you spend the day waiting for a bite—and then fighting to reel it in.

Leave your family and children at home to enjoy our beautiful, tropical Island while you go one-on-one with this monster, known as the “Prince of Darkness.”  These fish generally reach upwards of 10 feet and over 100 pounds, but the Island record-holder is a massive swordfish weighed in at over 460 pounds.  Whether you hook one of these behemoths or a smaller fish of merely 50 pounds, you are sure to have the fight of your life to reel it into the boat.

During the daytime, you will drop your lines to within 100 feet of the bottom of the ocean in waters reaching up to 1800 feet.  That is a lot of line to reel in, and the swordfish will make you work for it.  They often rise to the surface only to dive down again and have even been known to leap through the air in an effort to break free.

Nighttime swordfish are a little easier to spot as they rise near the surface to hunt for prey, making them also easier to hook, but they are no less powerful once on the line.  Whether you fish at day or night, you can expect your battle to take several minutes or even hours—some anglers have reported struggling for up to 7 hours before finally landing their fish.

The best time to catch swordfish is generally between May and November, when the waters are calm, but anglers are often successful on clear days throughout the year.  After all, swordfish are among the few fish species equipped to handle wide variation in water temperatures, and they call our temperate gulf waters home even in the coolest months.  Speak to your charter captain about opportunities for swordfishing during your Islamorada vacation.

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